About - Obsługa-klienta.pl

Obsługa-klienta.pl is a global web community used by both companies and its customers. Its main purpose is to provide a service where customers can rate and review a company’s customer service. The website also provides an easy access to contact information such as email and phone number to a company’s customer support. Companies also benefit from this website, as they can generate insights of what their customers think about them and their customer service. This can be used to improve their business as well as increase the satisfaction of their customers.

Obsługa-klienta.pl been around since 2014 and thousands of people use the website and its services every day. Today, Obsługa-klienta.pl exists in 30 countries, translated into 10 different languages, and is continuously growing.

Behind the website is Mirkovic Group, a company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Besides this website, Mirkovic Group operates a number of different websites used all over the world.

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